our vision exists to inspire and change the lives of people and communities in which we serve and do business by creating jobs and fostering training programs in an environment that promotes freedom in Jesus Christ. 

our mission

As a ministry of Mission of Hope, our mission is to see lives transformed by successfully executing our three areas of emphasis: job creation, training and development, and life change.

JOB CREATION | Introducing and promoting positions, spanning a wide range of roles and possibilities to grow in knowledge and skill, in the retail and hospitality industries.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT | Providing opportunities, through training, to women and men in the communities in which we serve, to pursue careers in retail, hospitality, and management. Developing training programs that encourage growth and leadership, and can be fully run by people in those communities.

LIFE CHANGE | Through the pursuit of freedom in Jesus Christ, we model a discipleship-based community that overflows into the lives of those with whom we serve and do business. We desire to see lives changed by creating a work environment in which our employees and customers experience transformational hope. 

ARTISAN PARTNERSHIPS partners with many artisans throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic who hand craft a wide variety of products. By offering these goods in our markets and through our online store, we help provide consistent employment to countless people across the nation.  


Jobs and training opportunities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are currently available in our retail markets and coffee shops. Development for a full service restaurant, garden center, and farmers market are currently underway. Our vision is to provide valuable on-site training, so that each of our venues can be completely operated and sustained by people from within the communities we serve, as well as prepare individuals to succeed in future career endeavors.

  • Sales Associates & Cashiers
  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse and Inventory
  • Product Sourcing
  • Merchandising Display
  • Internships
  • Coffee Service & Baristas
  • Food Service
  • Greeters
  • Cooks, Bakers, Chefs
  • Internships
  • Retail Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Head Chef


Proceeds from every purchase are directly invested back into the ministry of Mission of Hope. Learn about Mission of Hope and the supported ministries HERE.